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Our belief is that SME’s are the backbone of our economy and our services are designed to provide them with support and the necessary expertise in order to help them succeed!



As accountants we handle the work needed to comply with HMRC. This includes your year-end accounts, tax returns and weekly or monthly payroll. The role of a traditional accountant but with the added benefit of help on your budgeting for tax.



To make the most effective business decisions, you must have accurate and timely information on which to base them. We are resolute about providing you with information you can count on. Working with poor management information can lead to a lack of clarity and control, a situation which makes decisions more likely to be reactive rather than proactive. We can put a set of figures into perspective and help you to determine what the management accounts actually say about the performance and state of your business.




Growing your business can be difficult so you need to be able to focus on the areas of activity that make it most profitable. We can help you:

  • assess the key performance criteria in your business and explore ways of improving the monitoring of key performance data;

  • assess the impact and likelihood of key risks and define appropriate actions to mitigate them; and

  • accurately and timely present budgets and forecasts for a wide range of users, helping to instil confidence and stimulate business growth.



Ensuring you have good cash flow is extremely important for any business. The lack of it can be the demise of so many otherwise profitable businesses. We can help you to manage your working capital in order to maintain a healthy bank balance. This includes our guidance on getting your customers to pay promptly, reviewing and assisting with inventory management policies and negotiating terms with key suppliers.



Looking to launch a new business or looking to grow an existing business - we can work alongside you to prepare your business plans. We can help you identify growth areas and strategies through research into all aspects of your business and the market in which you trade in order to help you formulate the ideal business plan for your given situation. Preparing a business plan will help to give you a strategic focus on the future direction of your business’ finances and operations.

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Running the day-to-day of your business is often an all-consuming task, which sometimes makes it hard to step away and consider a more strategic view of your business. Having a defined and articulated strategy that is implemented in an effective way is a key factor in achieving increased business profits and value. Blackpoint Accounting’s business advisors can work with you as part of a facilitated process to help you by:

  • developing an effective business strategy to articulate and focus on the areas of priority necessary to achieve your goals;

  • providing you with a recorded plan to implement, with fresh projects and actions throughout the year;

  • conducting an annual strategic review to assess what has changed, and updating your plan accordingly;

  • assisting with communicating corporate and team goals;

  • helping you maximise team performance; and

  • assisting individuals to assess their wealth and entrepreneurial priorities, including looking at succession options.


Throughout the year we can support you by acting as a sounding board. By having separate ‘big picture’ meetings, we can explore any issues and opportunities or simply take time out to focus on the future.

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